A11N Premium Pickleball Paddle Set Review

A11N Premium Pickleball Paddle Set Review
A11N Premium Pickleball Paddle Set



High quality materials, Perfect grip design, Wide body


Not for expert players


Perfect for beginners to intermediate players

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Getting into a new sport or activity always seems like a good idea, but thinking about all of the costs to get the gear and accessories can turn you off. If you’re like the rest of America, you probably have some interest in getting into pickleball but not knowing where to get quality gear that isn’t just for fun can be another challenge altogether.

There are plenty of brands out there that make pickleball paddles or balls, and some that create complete sets. Usually though, when you purchase a complete set you’re getting something that’s made more for fun and not as a serious piece of sports gear, and if you take your pickleball seriously then this just won’t do.

What the serious pickleball player needs is a complete set that is made with as much detail and care as a professional paddle on its own. Being prepared to spend a little extra for quality materials is expected though, but totally worth it when you get a set that will last for years to come.

A11N is a brand that understands this need for professional grade gear and they know that some people would rather buy all of their accessories at once than shop around for it separately.

We’re here to review the pickleball paddle set that they’ve created to see if it’s worth the high price tag and a perfect fit for people who want only the best gear for their favorite sport.

About The Product

A11N Premium Pickleball Paddle Set Features

A11N is a company with a serious devotion to sports and fitness. Their entire range is targeted at people who love physical fitness, whether it’s a backyard game of pickleball or a serious match between sports professionals.

Their huge selection of pickleball related gear makes them experts on the sport and it’s obvious that they know the features to use to make their stuff at the highest level of quality.

The A11N Pickleball Paddle Set is for serious players or those who want to start their obsession with pickleball the right way. You’ll get everything you need to play the game and not with flimsy materials or cheap construction like you might find on other sets.

The A11N set includes two paddles, four balls, two covers, two over grips, and a convenient carry bag to store it all away. This means you can virtually set up a game anywhere and start playing, and all with professional grade gear that won’t end up breaking on you after a few months. Among some of its most noteworthy features are:

  • Wide body paddle for more coverage
  • 8 oz paddle for lightweight swings
  • Graphite face and honeycomb polymer core paddles
  • Medium grip handle measures 4.25” circumference
  • Sweat absorbent cushion grip
  • Slim trim edge for greater hitting capabilities
  • Gift box packaging

A11N has designed the paddle so it’s great for beginners with features like a slim trim edge and a wide body paddle. This allows you to hit the ball in the sweet spot every time and learn about control and projection. After a few months with this set you’ll be playing like a pro and will even ready to upgrade your paddle to something more serious.

What Others Say

The quality of the A11N Pickleball Paddle Set is what makes it worth the money. People were immediately impressed by how durable they felt while also being lightweight.

Although marketed as a more premium product, that doesn’t mean the A11N Paddle Set is for expert players. Some of the customers found these were better suited to intermediate players and beginners, but for those who had many years of experience in the sport, they found it didn’t meet their expectations as much.

The wide body of this paddle is larger than most and can be particularly helpful for those learning how to play. With more surface area there’s less chance that you’ll miss the ball and it can help you to perfect your swing and projection. The slim trim edge guard also keeps your ball from slipping away so it’s got all the right features to boost your skills.

Buying Advice

A11N Premium Pickleball Paddle Set Weight

If you’re someone who only likes to play with the highest quality sports equipment and would love to get into this emerging sport, the A11N Pickleball Paddle Set is the choice for you.

This amazing set is available through Amazon for a discounted price of just under $65 which is still good value considering you get two paddles, four balls, over grips, covers, and a carry case for that price.

There are a few variations you can choose from with A11N including their full set in different colors or just a standalone paddle and ball. Depending on who you’re playing with and whether you’re giving it as a gift, you’ll be able to find one that meets your needs. A11N also packages every set in a gift box so there’s no need to wrap anything up.

There’s no word on whether or not A11N offer a warranty with this pickleball sets which means extra care should be taken with it. Make sure you use the included carry case and neoprene protective cases whenever you’re not playing and it’ll last for many years to come.

Final Verdict

If you’re a new or intermediate pickleball player and want the best quality paddles around, you’ll be very impressed with the A11N Pickleball Paddle Set. This comprehensive set has everything you need to play with friends and family or just improve your skills on your own and its construction is out of this world.

For those who can afford it, paying a little extra for a well-made piece of equipment like this is definitely worth it. To find out more about the A11N Pickleball Paddle Set and pick one up for yourself, click on the button below to check them out.

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