Hello fellow pickleball enthusiasts!

My journey to pickleball began in 2017 when my family doctor told me I needed to get vigorous exercise more frequently.  I have to admit this was was surprising; my weight was appropriate, and I thought that I was physically fit… apparently not. 

I took the advice seriously, and immediately started looking for an activity that I could participate in regularly. Long story short, after trying a few different things, my wife and I decided to venture over to a local school that had an age 50+ pickleball program in the evenings.  From the first time I went out on the court, with paddle I borrowed from someone, I knew I had found my sport:  competition, skill, super exercise, great people, and something I will be able to do for many years to come.   This sport is growing like crazy.  I’m improving more slowly.

Sometimes work gets in the way, but I try to play at least once a week.  Here are photos of the indoor and outdoor facilities I play at the most:

Whether you’re looking to improve your level of fitness, meet great people, or just have a lot of fun, try pickleball – it’s awesome!

— PJ