Amarey Pickleball Paddle Review

Amarey Pickleball Paddle Review
Amarey Pickleball Paddle



Light, Durable, Premium grip




Perfect set from beginner to intermediate players

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When you find a sport or activity you really love, you want to invest as much time as you can getting better at it. As a relatively new sport in the grand scheme of things, many people are gaining this interest in pickleball and quickly taking it on as their new favorite hobby.

In order to keep your interest up and remain active with your sport, you need the right gear in your collection. For pickleball players, the most important piece of gear you need is your paddle and when you have the perfect one it’ll mean you’ll want to play even more.

If you’ve been searching for the best pickleball paddle but find they’re either too expensive or cheap and flimsy, you probably feel like giving up. You might be wondering if there’s something that lies in the middle of the two and can allow you to play like a professional pickleballer without having to break the bank.

Amarey is a brand that has the answer to this problem and has one of the only mid-range pickleball rackets available. We’re here to review its features and see whether it can perform as good as the more expensive ones without costing a fortune.

If you’re just getting into pickleball and have been looking for your very own paddle, this could be the perfect in between for you.

About The Product

Amarey Pickleball Paddle Features

Amarey is a pretty small brand who make a wide range of products including socks and binoculars, so their product line is pretty diverse. Their pickleball paddle has quickly become one of the favorites on the market though, even getting the title of Amazon’s Choice for this piece of sporting equipment.

The Amarey Pickleball Paddle might be cost effective but it’s got all of the features and materials you’d find on something much more expensive. Made with graphite, you’ll notice instantly how lightweight it feels compared to wood, but with a whole lot more strength.

This is the perfect choice for pickleball players who are new to the game and want to start off with the right equipment or for those who are taking their play to a bigger level. When you invest in the Amarey Pickleball Paddle, you’ll get the following features:

  • 4 ½ grip handle designed for comfort and sweat absorbency
  • Low profile edge guard design
  • Racket cover included
  • Graphite face and polymer honeycomb core
  • Weight of around 8oz
  • Lifetime support on all products

No matter what your skill level currently is, you’ll find that this paddle improves it out of sight. It’s great for users of all ages and can easily get you interested in the game of pickleball, with a guarantee that it’ll last a lifetime.

What Others Say

The Amarey Pickleball Paddle is a treat to hold and always feel comfortable. In addition to the easy design, there are other cool features like a carry bag included and lifetime support from the manufacturer. These little additions aren’t necessary but they make the mid-range price even better value than before.

One cool feature that this paddle has which others are missing is the sweat absorbency factor. Anyone who’s played a game of pickleball or any intense sport at all will know how sweaty palms can reduce your grip and throw your game off. Owning a paddle that keeps your hands dry and firmly on the paddle will be a huge advantage.

The Amarey paddle weighs around 8 oz which is pretty standard, but for those wanting a professional paddle, you may want to go lighter. This is perfect for people who are still perfecting their skills though and will teach you all about handle and control, so until you get into the big leagues the weight shouldn’t matter.

Buying Advice

Holding Paddle

If you’re enticed by everything the Amarey Pickleball Paddle has to offer, you’ll want to get yours straight from Amazon. Their current price of this piece of sports gear is the lowest around and you can get the paddle for under $40.

In addition to the low price, it also qualifies for free shipping so you save even more in freight. Members of Amazon Prime will get their paddle sent via express post which means within 48 hours you’ll be playing with your brand new Amarey paddle.

Amarey offers a lifetime guarantee on their paddle when you use the cover with it so an investment in this means you never have to buy another. Not only that, but they have ongoing customer support for the life of the paddle so if there are any issues or you need tips on how to use it best, they will be on hand to help you out.

To complete the purchase, you might want to get a second paddle so you can play with a friend. Otherwise, there are balls, nets, carry cases, and a whole range of other gear that will improve your pickleball experience. Everything is available on Amazon and you can even pair some things to save on postage and cost as well.

Final Verdict

Pickleball is a great way to have fun with friends and family, and Amarey has shown that you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to get yourself a great paddle. This paddle will help you be a better player and improve on your skills, so it’s the perfect choice for people who want to get into the sport even more.

Having your very own paddle is a great way to stay interested in the sport and give you the chance to play your best. If you want to invest in a premium pickleball paddle without spending too much money, you can get the Amarey Pickleball Paddle today by clicking on the button below.

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